Five photography artists to follow


The term ‘photography artist’ or ‘photography artists’ may seem strange, but photography is art. We may call ourselves photographers, or artists, but why not a photography artist? Here are five photographers that combine photography with art.

Photography artist #1, Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Sarah’s work is striking in more ways that one – often at least two! Sorry for the pun. But most of her work shows more than one dimension to art, giving true meaning to photography artist.

Photography artist #2, Florian Ritter

Florian Ritter’s sense of scale is what separates this photographer’s art from another. Ritter also has a running theme of isolation in the work which gives it a striking edge.

Photography artist #3, Hirano Aichi

Hirano Aichi claims to capture life, and although there is a lot of portraiture on Aichi’s portfolio, there are some really inspiring nuggets of work taken outside of the studio also.

Photography artist #4, Cristof Echard

Cristof Echard’s website is art in itself! What makes Echard’s work interesting is that the work is inside print and displayed that way, rather than individual images.

Photography artist #4, Michael Didonna

Michael Didonna knows how to use light well. Head over to his website to see what I mean. His travel photos are my favourite category.