Learn Adobe Lightroom Free Online Photography Course


I wrote this free online photography course for learning Adobe Lightroom because it’s important to understand the basics if you want to use the Lightroom presets you’ve downloaded.

A lot of these chapters are not required to take advantage of the Lightroom presets, but learning Lightroom makes you a more effective photographer, and reduces your editing time dramatically.

Why bother learning Lightroom?

I’ve written the online photography course in a way that makes sense to you. When I first started photography, it was really difficult to figure out where to start. As I spent more time taking photos, I quickly learned it was the photo editing that made the biggest difference to my work.

I thought that all you needed to make a good photo was a good camera, a little bit of sharpening and increased colour saturation. Lightroom can do that, but it is so much more than that. It’s a photo catalogue, an editing suite and becomes your third arm with photography.

Is a copy of Adobe Lightroom all I need?

Yep! A few of my best Lightroom Presets wouldn’t hurt either! But if you are just wanting to learn how to make your photos amazing with Adobe Lightroom, a copy of the program is all you need. It comes on Windows and Mac, so take your pick.