How to add location information in Lightroom

The ‘Map’ tab in Adobe Lightroom isn’t something that springs to mind when you’re adding, editing or managing your photo library. Only this year I started to bother adding location information in Lightroom after trying to pretend that it was a filter that didn’t matter to me. So if you’re a travel photographer, freelance photographer or just someone that likes to keep a clean Lightroom catalogue, read on about how easy it is to add location information in Lightroom.

Using the map

Moving around the map is quite straight-forward, and it helps that it uses Google Maps’ data to pull geolocation points off your selected locations. You can enter a location on the search bar at the top, or zoom and scroll around using the same controls as you would if you were finding something on Google Maps.

Photography tip - finding location

Adding the location to images

Dropping the pin in a certain place won’t add the geolocation to your photo. So you’ll have to make sure you hold control-click (or right-click if you’re using a mouse) and add the GPS coordinates. This will add the location to any photos you have selected down in your filmstrip. You can’t see the ‘Sublocation’, ‘City’ and other fields completed using the gif below, but once your GPS coordinates appear, those will be filled with meaningful data based off the coordinates you selected. This will come in handy later.

Photography tip

Adding the finishing touches

Once the coordinates are added, there are a few things you can do to double check everything is placed and the right images have the right coordinates. Scrolling over the image in the filmstrip will make the marker bounce a couple of times so you know where it sits on the map. If you scroll your cursor over the marker, a thumbnail of the image and its EXIF data will show.

Photography tip
Hovering over image in the filmstrip
Photography tip
Moving and hovering over marker

Reap the benefits

As a token of appreciation for your time spent adding location information to your photos in Lightroom, you will now be able to find photos in your library search based off cities, locations or other location metadata. The coordinates automatically enter all the meaningful data you will most likely use to search for photos with, so all you need to do is enter location words in your regular search, and now location information will be considered in addition to regular keyword metadata  you assigned on import.

Photography tip